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Family Owned & Operated since 1989

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- American Health & Beauty Aids Institute

- National Beauty Culturist League

- Associated Cosmetologists of Missouri

Creation of Joyce Williams Products

In the beginning we had only four products. Oh, the stories we could tell. Back when we began in 1989, we had less than nothing. No delivery service. No toll-free service. No relaxer system. A few dedicated employees and a conviction that nothing could stop us, and nothing has.

Today we've developed a relaxer system. A curl system. A conditioning system. Several styling aids. Foamee-Freeze-Scrunch system. A retail success program and we have more than 20 products. We invented the most popular hairstyle in the world (Freeze/Scrunch). We have a toll-free number. We ship products national and world-wide. We're pioneers in education. Not bad for a company that had only four products.

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